Catherine O’Driscoll
“With the integration of Digital as part of the core service offering for our clients, we are able to provide a 360 degree view of our clients' customers.These insights are key in maintaining a finger on the pulse of service strategy.”

Catherine O’Driscoll

Digital Services Lead

Catherine is the driving force behind the forward momentum of the rapidly expanding Digital Services Team within Abtran. Under her stewardship as both Digital Services Lead, the team has become an integral part of a growing number of high profile client accounts.

Catherine takes a lead role in the implementation and management of Abtran’s online and social media service offering (covering monitoring, reporting & insights, service engagement and delivery). Additionally, Catherine focuses on spearheading continuous innovation and looking into new media, new channels and new ways of engaging emerging social media services and communicating those out to Operations as well as to new and existing clients.

Key experience

Successful launch and stewardship of a number of prominent Government services social media offerings. Key role in the development of the ‘Inspire Programme’; a companywide project to develop advisors with the potential to become team leaders of the future.