Lucy Maher
“As the HR Manager for Transport, Government and Financial Services, I ensure that Abtran is able to achieve success through its most valuable asset – its people”.

Lucy Maher

HR Manager

Lucy is directly responsible for managing all aspects of the implementation of HR projects from end to end while working closely with relevant departments to manage assigned projects in line with business and project objectives. With over 7 years experience in the HR sector Lucy has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of human resources within Abtran.

Lucy is also heavily involved in the review of existing outsourcing models in place and making recommendations and implementing changes for optimal use while leading downsizing projects – including working with managers to communicate change, outplacement services and supporting remaining employees.

Key Experience

With a specialist background in HR, Lucy takes a crucial role in the implementation of job analysis and recruitment selection frameworks including the development of competency based interviews. She is also responsible for creating clear and attainable HR project objectives, building projects requirements and managing cost, time and quality.