Norrie Fitzgerald
"Abtran are very good at making it easy for customers to engage with us. It's all about partnership and building trust, we understand how to deliver service and implement change - that’s what we bring to the table."

Norrie Fitzgerald

Director of Service Consultancy

Norrie leverages nearly twenty years experience to help drive success in her role as Abtran’s Director of Service Consultancy. She has a proven ability to influence strategic direction at the most senior level combined with a practical understanding of how to implement change.

Key Experience

Norrie has led of a number of key strategic projects during her time at Abtran. She successfully led the team responsible for the re-engineering of an outpatient referral process to facilitate electronic referral. She has also overseen the team responsible for the delivery of a managed service solution for outpatient referral management under the Health Innovation Hub.