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In this week’s Abtran Service Exchange blog, we’re plugging in and sharing know-how from the Digital Services team at Abtran.

Being connected with our clients’ customers and aligning with their brand is one of our core values at Abtran. For the Digital Services team, being connected is both a mandatory and instinctive part of the service territory. The ability to monitor what customers are publicly saying online makes the team a natural port of call when it comes to garnering insights for best practice service design.

Over the past twelve months, the team has seen a growing demand for a more joined-up and responsive service experience. Catherine O’Driscoll, who heads up the team at Abtran explains, ‘We’ve learned that all components from web development, knowledge base configuration, app support, web chat, social media networks to print collateral, should tie into an overall strategy to drive a better experience for the customer. It’s about providing a solution that crosses multiple platforms, multiple devices, and multiple channels in a unified way.”Picture1

A rigorous governance approach is fundamental to how the team operate on a day-to-day basis. This ensures they remain closely connected to clients, whilst ensuring openness and consistency within the team. Alignment of brand message with a client’s overall goals and open communication continues to be vital, particularly where there are multiple departmental stakeholders.

Aside from their functional role in the delivery of social media customer service, the team form an integral part of the day-to-day learnings and improvements within the wider operation. When it comes to research and innovation, Digital service is by its very nature a fast moving area and the team are always trying and testing new and better ways of delivering service. This helps to keep everyone on their toes as well as fostering some good humoured competitiveness across the team.

“It’s important for us to grow with the customer and always stay on top of emerging trends, platforms and processes so that the service evolves in line with the customer journey. There are new channels emerging every day and whilst they won’t all fit into your goals, it’s important to review and remain abreast of them to ensure you are using the right channel fit, both for your customers and your brand.”

About Catherine and the team

Established in early 2010, the Digital services team have been a cornerstone at Abtran in helping to establish and forge best practice in the design and delivery of social media customer service for clients across the Utilities, Transport and Government sectors.

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