Inspiring the Employee Brand Journey

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The Abtran brand is all about delivering customers a great service experience.

This isn’t just an external process; it’s an internal process as well. It’s about instilling a culture of service excellence that starts with the internal customer: that’s the employee.

This month, thirteen employees graduated from Abtran’s Inspire programme, a learning & development initiative which is all around helping our people to progress their own brand journey at Abtran and to achieve their full potential.

Delivered over the course of four months, ‘Inspire’ is made up of training modules designed to develop skills and behaviours that are considered essential in good People Managers working in a customer-led environment.

The success of the programme is in the evidence. Over the past three years, 75% of employees completing the programme have been promoted within Abtran.

Dawn Robertson, who leads the Abtran Inspire Learning & Development programme, said,

“The Inspire programme is all about matching people with their talents and instilling them with the confidence to help reach their potential. We’re proud of everyone who graduated throughout the programme. This is something every person in Abtran should consider from a personal as well as from a career development perspective.”

Being your own brand means knowing who you are and what you aspire to be.

At Abtran, we recognise that our internal customers, our people are at the heart of our brand and success in delivering great service.

We’d like to congratulate all our ‘Inspire’ graduates as we continue to support them and all our employees in progressing their own service journeys at Abtran.

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