Abtran Celebrates International Day of Charity

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This year, Abtran marked the United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Charity through a diverse programme of fundraising activity which took place across multiple business sites.

The objective was to raise much needed funds for Abtran’s Charity Club Partners including Pieta House, Marymount Hospice and the Irish Cancer Society.

Fundraising activity across the company ranged from dress-up to face painting, hair crimping, auctions, raffles, ice bucket and water balloon challenges to cake & bake sales.

We’d like to take this opportunity to extend a big thank you to our staff for their generous donations and to our CSR, Sports & Social, Charity Club, Employee Forum and Operations staff for helping to organise such a great event.

A further big thank you to all Abtran staff for the extensive effort, creativity and goodwill expressed across the company and throughout the day.

Thank you!

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