Scaling for the delivery of service excellence

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In this two part blog series, Laura McCarthy, Service Delivery Manager for Government Services at Abtran, shares some practical know-how around scaling the delivery of a great service experience to the customer.

Put the right foundations in place

Whether it’s standing up a new service or scaling an existing one, it’s important to put the right customer foundations in place from the outset.

This is about having clear goals, listening to the customer and then taking the time to map and understand what really good service looks like from a People, Process and Technology perspective.

Keep the Customer at the centre

Putting the customer at the centre means avoiding technology for technology’s sake. A customer engagement plan that’s designed around the customer is one that’s flexible and gives the customer choice and access to the right channels. It’s about having the right mix of self-service and more traditional channels to make it easy for the customer to get the information they need as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Put the right measures in place

Scaling for success is about taking your strategic goals and converting them into practical performance and meaningful metrics that are customer led. In our experience, metrics should be a balance of operational KPIs and customer satisfaction to ensure the best overall quality of service is delivered to the customer in a compliant way.

Choose the right People

Share KH 21One of the foundation stones for scaling really good customer service is having access to the right people. Taking the time to choose Customer Service Advisors with the right experience and knowledge will help to ensure a more seamless and efficient delivery.

At Abtran, we invest a lot of time working with our clients and our training department. This ensures our People are armed with the right tools and empowered with the right skills to deliver the best possible service experience to the customer.

Test, Improve, then test again

When it comes to rolling out a new service, it pays to ensure that everything is operating as efficiently and seamlessly as possible prior to launch. Often, it’s during the very early period just before ramp-up that we get the opportunity to gather live customer insights. For instance, Social Media customer listening can be a great way of quickly identifying what people are saying publicly online about your organisation and anticipating and addressing queries before they begin to trend or arrive into the contact centre.

Of course scaling for success is not just about the launch period. It’s about consistently making improvements throughout the service journey. It’s about always ‘listening’ to the Voice of the Customer and identifying gaps and opportunities as their service needs change and evolve.

For me, it’s really about building a culture where people are encouraged to be open and to share-know around how to deliver a great service experience to the customer.

Check back for Part II of this Blog series where Laura will be talking about the importance of open communications, flexibility, customer connectivity and sharing-know how for scaling the delivery of a great service experience.

About Laura

As a Service Delivery Manager at Abtran, Laura’s expertise is in the management and delivery of service on behalf of leading organisations across Government. With an extensive background in business and people management, Laura has in-depth experience of managing diverse, highly regulated and fast moving accounts.