Part 2 – Scaling for the delivery of service excellence

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In Part I of our two Part blog series, Abtran Service Delivery Manager, Laura McCarthy shared some practical insights on how to scale the delivery of great service.

In Part II, Laura highlights the importance of open communications, flexibility and sharing know-how, for organisations looking to scale for success in the delivery of service excellence.

Keep the Communication Lines Open
A regular communications routine is really essential to ensure effective forecasting, resource planning as well as people performance and productivity. It’s about joining up departments to ensure the service operation, (the customer hub of the organisation), is always kept abreast of new developments. Of course, communications is a two-way process. The customer service operation has a pivotal role to play in keeping a finger on the pulse and feeding back any customer insights, suggestions and trends that can help to drive service innovation, improvement and efficiency.


Be Flexible
There are peaks and troughs to almost every service operation as the customer goes through different stages of their service journey. At Abtran, being flexible is about having the right people, fostering the right attitudes and ensuring we have the most flexible delivery model in place that best matches the client’s needs whether that’s shared services to in-sourced to full outsourcing (BPO) models.

Build Once, Use often
Abtran is a big believer in this concept. Scaling an operation for success is often about looking at what’s been done really well elsewhere in the organisation and then looking to transfer that knowledge in an open and compliant way.

At Abtran, we bring that to bear by standardising processes and technologies that are proven and by having a strong team who can bring best practice to the operation as well as transferring that knowledge and expertise back to the client. Sharing our learnings and being that customer connector link is often where we can bring fresh insights to the table that can make really a difference in how service is innovated.

Do the small things well
Scaling for success is not all about the latest technologies or large-scale programmes. Often, it’s the little things that can make a significant impact in delivering really great service.

Doing the small things well stems from having a culture that’s relentlessly focused on making things better for the customer. At Abtran we are always challenging ourselves to make things easier for the customer. One of our Advisors recently received flowers for really going out of her way to help a customer. This was a fantastic compliment, not only for the Advisor but the team as a whole and proof that great service rarely goes unnoticed by the customer.

LauraMcCarthyConnect around the Customer
For me, scaling for the delivery of great service is all about connecting around the customer. Here, the customer becomes the single focal point that drives collaboration, common goals, performance measures and innovation. A strong customer ethos that extends both inside and outside the service organisation is in my view the single most compelling factor for successfully scaling the delivery of service excellence.

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