Service Through the Regulatory Lense

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In today’s regulated service landscape, organisations must adhere to the highest standards of compliance to ensure customer data is handled, processed and stored in the most secure way possible.

Faced with such stringent requirements, how can organisations adhere to such strict regulatory protocol without compromising the service experience to the customer?

In this blog post, Maria Browne, Internal Auditor at Abtran, explains why being compliant and focusing on the customer, must go hand-in-hand.

Today’s customers are sharing more data across more channels than ever before. They need to feel confident that their details are secure whilst still being able to access the services_MG_9782 they need in an easy and convenient way.

Working with clients across a wide range of regulated markets, we’ve found that partnering early with the client and the operation and service design teams, really enables us to focus on the customer right from the outset. Ultimately, it’s about working to ensure the right controls and measures are put in place to protect the customer and their data in a compliant yet balanced way whilst maintaining focus on the customer experience.

This means that compliance cannot be done in a vacuum. It requires engagement across all stakeholders from the outset and a practical, hands-on approach. Fostering a culture of compliance is very important here. It’s about putting the correct measures in place to ensure that staff are educated and given the tools and technology to make it easy for them to deliver a compliant service without compromising the customer experience. Through ‘Voice of the Advisor’ and regular feedback sessions, we are always looking at ways to make it easier for the customer by challenging the status quo in an open and compliant way.

It’s important for your customers to understand that putting a focus on compliance and security not only protects them, it can also lead to a better service experience. Educating the customer and integrating compliance with the service experience can in turn improve customer engagement and engender trust, which in turn leads to customer loyalty.

For the customer, a great service experience must be one that’s balanced. For the organisation, it’s about focusing on the customer, educating and empowering staff and adopting an approach that integrates compliance with the best service experience.

More about Abtran Accreditations_MG_9417

To provide additional assurance to our clients that customer data is processed in the most secure and efficient way possible, we have successfully been accredited to the following standards:

• ISO 27001 (Information Security)
• ISO 9001 (Quality Management)
• PCI DSS Level 1

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