Abtran Employee Journeys – Inspired!

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In this issue of the Abtran Service Exchange, we share a blog post by Aaron Long. Here, Aaron describes his own Abtran journey from Customer Service Advisor to Social Media Executive and how after ten years of seeing the company grow and expand, the great people culture remains unchanged.

Aaron Long
Social Media Specialist

I began my Abtran journey just over ten years ago, when the company had less than 100 people filling a single site in Curraheen. Many things have changed massively over the last decade. There are now over 2,000 people employed across four sites, in both Cork and Dublin. The portfolio of prestigious clients and range of services has grown and established Abtran as one of the fastest growing business process management (BPM/BPO) providers in the world.

IMG_9525One thing that has not changed at all, since that day in November 2005, when I began my Abtran career, is the vibrant, energetic, people centric environment. I have had the opportunity to work across a spectrum of clients in various roles from Customer Service Advisor to Product Specialist, Administration Specialist to Social Media Executive. Wherever I have wanted to go, Abtran has been there to help me develop, to encourage and nurture that development and to provide me with a platform to further my career.

I last wrote a testimonial for the Abtran website in 2008. Back then my current role did not exist! As a Social Media Executive I am lucky to be part of one of the most exciting and innovative teams in the company. The Digital team is constantly evolving, as customers look to interact across more Digital channels. I am often asked if I now ‘tweet for a living’. While Twitter is certainly a big part of my daily routine, being a Social Media Executive involves so much more. Ten years into my service career I have found myself learning (and embracing) a whole new skillset, from reporting and analytics to outbound content creation. Inspired by this, I recently completed a Certificate in Digital Marketing and Online Strategy and am about to undertake a diploma. Going back to education is something I have aspired to do for many years, and I am so grateful to Abtran for giving me the inspiration and confidence to achieve this goal.

Looking back over the last decade I am thankful to have made wonderful, lifelong friends and to have turned a job into a career. If I have learned one important lesson, it is not to look back, but to look forward. And I will continue to do so on my onward journey with Abtran. I signed off my 2008 testimonial with the following: “Quite simply, it’s a wonderful place to work!” and in that sense, nothing has changed.

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