When it Comes to Delivering Great Service – Change is the Only Constant

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If you’re in the business of service, then you’re in the business of change.


From the changing ways your customers interact with you, to the competitive, regulatory and legislative forces within your industry, delivering great service has a lot to do with an organisation’s ability to manage change.

In the Customer Contact environment, change can be about big-ticket items like technology reviews or large transformational projects. For others, it’s about embedding a continuous culture of change.

At Abtran, this is about taking the time to continuously revisit the fundamentals.

be-openWhat’s the business case? How has it changed? How do our operational goals and measures stack up? How are we delivering the service right now? How does that need to change from a people, process and technology perspective to support the customer journey and deliver a better service experience

When it comes to leading change, engaging with your Customer Service Advisors to give open, and honest feedback is crucially important. That’s because your front line staff are very often the only connection with your customers. At Abtran, this is about encouraging a culture of being open and always challenging how we can do things better.

When we recruit and onboard new staff, we look for candidates who are open to change and have really strong service instincts. This means people who have an innate understanding of what it means to be a customer and who take time to listen to the customer and then feed back insights that can be converted into practical service improvements.

From a quality and training perspective, staff feedback can continuously inform the right coaching, performance and service improvement measures; initiatives that in turn support and empower your people to lead change and deliver a service experience that’s focused on the customer.

Change is often regarded as a disruptive force. For organisations that embrace change, it can become a positive enabler, empowering your people to become more open, your processes to become more agile and your customers to become more loyal and connected to your brand.



About Christine

Christine has over ten years experience working across a number of organisations nationally and internationally, within the Utilities sector.

Outside of her day-to-day role as Training Manager, Christine provides practical consulting services to Abtran clients across a number of streams including onboarding of staff, training & development, quality improvement and managing change.