Tapping into the Power of Digital Listening

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At Abtran, my role is all around creating and delivering bespoke Digital Listening reports.

Abtran Digital Listening is about gathering insights into the public voice of the online customer around the perception and performance of an organisation’s service, reputation and brand. For many organisations, making the decision to engage with customers through online channels like social media can be a daunting task. Here, Digital listening can be a prudent course of action, arming you with intelligence and insights to design an engagement strategy that really connects with your customers and your brand.

Abtran Connect Image 4Digital Listening can also provide a wealth of customer insights during the early stages of a product or service launch. It can empower organisations to understand how customers are evolving, from identifying new channels to anticipating potential new product innovations and market opportunities, whilst evaluating how loyal customers are to their brand.

From an operational perspective, relaying timely insights around what customers are saying, can arm the Contact Centre with valuable information to help update FAQs and to issue social media alerts to help manage inbound call volumes.

maureen-murphy350x350Unfortunately, there is no magic ‘on’ button for Digital Listening. Regardless of what tools or software you are using, configuring an accurate report requires a clear understanding of what you are looking to capture and why. Listening is therefore a complex task; it’s about filtering the right keywords, monitoring the right geographies, tracking the right channels and measuring brand sentiment whilst being as up-to-the-minute as possible to report on emerging queries or trends. Configured properly, Digital listening can become an essential tool, reaping rich insights that quickly become a go-to report across several Departments and multiple functions.

Such is the power and value of regular, relevant and timely customer insights.

About Maureen

Maureen provides clients with customer insights into the perception, performance and positioning of their brand and services online. Click here to read more about Maureen.

For more information about Abtran Digital solutions please email digitalservices@abtran.com.