Powering the Delivery of Service in a Connected Age

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In today’s Utilities landscape, change is everywhere; changes in technology, changes in legislation, changes in the way that customers are consuming and controlling their energy. For many private Utilities, the competitive market is crowded and the strategy to acquire and retain a loyal base of satisfied customers has become much more than simply having a competitive set of tariffs or package incentives.

Forward-thinking Utilities are reorganising their internal structures around the customer. They’re putting in place the right channels, partners, and digitally enabled technologies to ensure they are always best placed to anticipate their customers’ ever-changing needs.

In an era where disruption has become the norm, the ability to be agile, data-driven and more digitally engaged will become essential to power the delivery of great service in the connected age.

Abtran has been delivering service in the Utilities space since 2004. In this video, some of our Utilities experts talk to Abtran’s experience and capabilities in the Utilities space across the UK and Ireland.

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If you’d like to find out more about Abtran’s experience in Utilities, connect with us at @abtranglobal or send an email to info@abtran.com.