Bringing it Back to the Customer in 2017

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Why delivering great service can often mean taking a step back for the Customer Operation.

New Year. Fresh start. Or is it? We all know that delivering great service is about focusing on the customer. But how often do we really take time-out to challenge why we do things a certain way? And is there a risk that by becoming too caught up in the detail, we could lose sight of the bigger picture?

katie-tether-350x350In this blog post, Katie Tether, Abtran Consultant and Business Analysis Manager, explains why taking time to step back can often mean a big step forward for the customer as well as the bottom line.

Challenge the status quo

As we step into 2017, most Customer Operations will be working hard to deliver on their goals and putting in place the steps to achieve that. All too often, we can find ourselves becoming so consumed in the detail that it can be hard to see the world from the customer viewpoint. That’s why it’s important to regularly turn things on their head, challenge ourselves and look at the way the customer experiences your organisation from the outside-in.

All roads lead back to the customer

Today, most organisations are structured by function or by process. This can make it difficult to see things from the wider customer viewpoint. One tool that helps to connect around the bigger picture is Customer Journey Mapping (CJM). The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that your customer goes through when interacting with your organisation or your brand. Instead of focusing in on individual touch points or stages of the journey, CJM enables you to look across the customer’s end-to-end service experience as a whole.

At Abtran, we spend a lot of time working with clients in highly competitive and regulated markets where the customer experience is often the biggest differentiator for the brand.

be-challengingBy working with stakeholders across Sales, Billing, Marketing, Operations and Customer Service, we’ve been able to step clients through the end-to-end customer journey. Here it’s about creating customer personas and scenarios to highlight what the customer wants and where they’re having a good or bad experience. It then becomes possible to remove inconsistencies, improve processes and bridge gaps across the end-to-end journey from onboarding through to registration, sales and renewal.

So if the customer isn’t having a good experience, CJM can highlight what improvements are needed across the business as a whole from channels, to technologies, to process and performance improvements.

Of course, for Customer Journey Mapping to be effective, it needs to be based on real customer feedback and data driven insights. When conducted regularly, CJM can also be a powerful enabler, helping us to see the bigger picture more clearly while bringing it back to the journeys that matter most to our clients, their customers and our brand.

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