Top Takeaways from Dublin Tech Summit 2017

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Last Wednesday, the Convention Centre opened its doors to thousands of expectant visitors looking to learn, share and connect at this year’s Dublin Tech Summit.


In case you missed it, here’s some top takeaways from Abtran Digital Services Director, Aisling Deasy and Digital Services Executive, Brige Newman, who was kept on her toes tweeting live from the event during an action-packed two day schedule:

1. Humans are hungry for ‘Snack-able’ Content

The importance of building and engaging brand story through video will only grow, as it creates a human connection. But don’t forget the human 8-second attention span. People are hungry for ‘snack-able’ content so video should be less than 9 seconds to really engage, while images and infographics should be used to grab and retain attention.

2. Keep it simple

Listen to the customer. Don’t include ten functions or features if the customer only needs one. Apps should fill a niche. Keep checking in to ensure they’re as ‘customer useful’ as possible.

3. Invest in Data Analytics

Data gathering is key to understanding what customers want and how best to improve services. Investment should be made into Data Analytics now.


4. Less is more

Gathering large volumes of data only goes so far. Using smaller amounts of measurable data to make impactful decisions and generate actionable insights that work for the industry will be more valuable.

5. Quality vs. Quantity

We will eventually need to reduce the time we spend on devices. This means reducing the volume of content posts by improving quality and relevance through an engaging, conversational human tone.

6. Wearables turned out to be not so wearable after all

Here comes the new trend of ‘FashTech’ … the convergence of fashion and function, combined.

7. Create and share through Ecosystems

Companies should create information ecosystems, across clients, products and customers to ensure a well-rounded customer experience.

8. Stop posting content for the sake of it … and listen

The great differentiator between other media and Digital is the opportunity for businesses to really listen to what people are saying about their own brand … but even better to build a bigger picture about their interests and preferences.

9. Follow your customers. Evolve with your customers

“If it works, it is obsolete.” As technology improves, customer expectation grows. As such, the service industry will need to continuously evolve to meet these growing expectations. Follow people’s attention; there is a limited window where the public’s attention is focused on any given medium or channel.

10. Remembering ARPANET… when life was so much simpler

It’s hard to remember life before the Internet and the mobile phone when our lives were so much simpler. Here, it’s important to remember that technology is just an enabler. We need to keep it simple and lead how technology is used to make our lives easier.

For Abtran and leaders in the services industry, this is about shaping how technology can help to deliver what matters most: a great customer experience.

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