Abtran CTO Martin Leahy a speaker at ZeroDayCon

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Abtran CTO, Martin Leahy will speak at ZeroDayCon at the National Conference Centre, Dublin on March 7th. The conference will feature keynote speakers and panels offering unique insights on cybersecurity, blockchain technology, IoT security, EU GDPR and cognitive computing.


Martin will be the first speaker on the main stage at the conference and will introduce many of the key themes of the event. He will detail Abtran’s extensive journey and experience in cyber security and will outline the key steps that Abtran has taken as well as the key provisions and processes that Abtran has implemented in order to secure the data and operations of our clients and their customers.

Abtran is fully-certified in the area of data security and has held PCI DSS, ISO 9000 and ISO27001 certification for a number of years. We process millions of data records every day and must be ever aware of the increasingly sophisticated challenges associated with electronic data security.

Later in the conference Martin will take part in one of the key panel discussions of the day – “Ready, Set Respond: Best Practice Cybersecurity Incident Response Plans”. The session will discuss how to manage the various attacks and threats and will offer key advice on the ongoing repulsion of cyberattacks.

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