IWD Part IV – Leaders who Challenge and Inspire Change

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In part IV of our Blog Series celebrating International Women’s Day, we share stories from two inspiring women at Abtran – Team Leader, Aiswarya Ravindran and Real-time Scheduling Analyst, Karina Healy.

Aiswarya Ravindran

Aiswarya works in our Global Services Centre in Mahe as a Team Leader. She inspires her colleagues by challenging new and better ways of doing things and staying true to her goals.

Stand-out Moments

Being selected for the position of Team Leader was one of the proudest moments of my career. The opportunity to lead a team I had worked with so closely as an Advisor has also been a great motivator.

Stay Curious

I am always curious about everything. From learning new ways of looking at things, to challenging how things could be done better, has always been a focus for me. From every job I’ve ever had, I always strive to learn something new and find new ways of challenging and solving problems.

Greatest Influencers

My father is one of the most influential people in my life and my career. He is a Deputy General Manager in a Multi National Company and also a successful business man. I’ve learned many things from him. I think of him as my role model and my personal ‘A to Z’ in career guidance.

Keep Learning

I love everything about my work. Of course, like any job there are parts I prefer spending time on but overall it provides a great opportunity to learn new skills and to develop professionally. Learning new processes and working in a team is what I enjoy the most about working in Abtran. The opportunity to produce great results and to build strong relationships with my colleagues as well as clients really motivates me.

Always be Yourself

If I had one piece of advice, it’s this: never try to imitate someone else. Always be yourself and be the best that you can be, every day. Stay true to your path and your goals.

I do my best every day to lead and inspire others by accepting them for who they are. I believe that instead of trying to change someone, it’s better to find out what their strengths are and then to develop those skills so they can reach their full potential. I always try to be there for my team, to work through the highs and lows. At the end of the day, that’s what builds a great team.

Karina Healy

Karina works as a Real-time Scheduling Analyst at Abtran. She inspires her colleagues through hard work and dedication together with her open attitude to helping others to overcome challenges and achieve real results.

Stand-out Moments

My journey at Abtran began in 2009 as a Customer Service Advisor and I joined ‘Resource Planning’ four years ago. Throughout this time, I’ve had the opportunity to learn lots of new skills and gain knowledge by working across a wide range of diverse accounts.

One of my stand out moments was when I was successful in applying for an Analyst role with Abtran’s Real-time and Scheduling team. The role is a great fit for me as it provides a fantastic and ever-changing learning environment. The ‘Real-Time’ aspect is about managing the day-to-day running of an operation to ensure all service levels agreements are met.

Scheduling is all about planning ahead, preparing for the unexpected and ensuring that every operation is staffed to perform smoothly.

Challenge Yourself

Whether it’s learning more about the role you’re in to progressing towards a completely different area, don’t be afraid to seek out the support you need and ask as many questions as possible. For instance, I’d always advise anyone interested in joining our team, to spend time with the group wherever possible. This will help to really gain an inside understanding of the practical, day-to-day side and if it’s really the right career path for you.

Biggest Motivators

I really enjoy working with my team. I would honestly be lost without them. We’re a hard working team and are always on the same page when it comes to delivering results for each account every day. I absolutely love learning and seeing a new plan or process I’ve implemented come to life and be successful. When it comes to real-time scheduling, no two days are the same and you are constantly learning and at-the-ready for fresh challenges that present themselves, every day.

Greatest Influencers

My sister Sharon really inspires me. She is the most determined and focused person I know. I see what she has achieved in her life and it motivates me to strive to achieve my goals. She is a great role model and influence in my life.

Open to helping others

I’d like to think the relationships I’ve built here at Abtran mean that I’m an approachable person who can be asked anything and would never see anyone struggle. When it comes to my own area, I always look to provide support wherever needed. Everyone’s unique. We all have our own ways of learning and I try to be open and adapt to that. If you’re open to learning and working hard, Abtran is a fantastic environment to learn and realise your career goals. And while I’m proud of how far I’ve come, I’ll always be hungry to learn more on my Abtran journey. And I wish you well in yours.