Attracting and Retaining Customers in a Disrupting Energy Market

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Consumers have significantly higher service expectations than ever before. The customer experience benchmark is no longer just competitor energy companies, the bar has and will continue to be set by the consumers’ best customer experience – regardless of sector, size or geography. Existing energy providers who do not have a laser focus on customer experience will lose out, particularly given the increasing number of players coming into the market, many of which are bringing with them higher customer experience standards from other sectors. Ultimately, the winners in this space will be highly-trusted organisations with an unwavering focus on customer-centricity and a keen understanding of the power of data to drive a personalised customer experience. When designing service solutions providers need to start from the customer’s perspective. Today’s digitally discerning customer wants simplicity, savings and speed. Energy companies need to constantly assess how easy they are making it for customers to interact with their services.

Abtran have published a whitepaper with Cornwall exploring how UK energy suppliers can attract & retain customers in a disrupting market. Click HERE to download the full whitepaper.