Leaning into a better way of working

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No two days are ever the same at Abtran. Focusing on the customer brings fresh challenges to learn and develop every day. And as our company has grown, so too has the need to share know-how and drive improvement in a common, consistent way.

The aim of Abtran’s new Lean Transform programme is to deliver just that and more. Led by Abtran’s Head of Performance, Emma Dunne alongside Lean Consultant, Paul Dixon, the goal of the programme is to empower employees right across the company to lead change through a common understanding of Lean tools and business principles.

The Lean Transform programme is about equipping all our employees with a common set of tools and techniques, empowering them to challenge norms and lead change in a consistent and standardised way. This is a fantastic opportunity for employees right across the company to learn new skills that are highly transferrable and industry recognised,” says Emma.

The rollout of Lean Six Sigma training to Abtran’s full workforce is no small task. With the commencement of Green Belt training to 28 staff from March this year, the team has an ambitious timetable to deliver Yellow Belt training to 240 People Managers and support staff by September 2017. Additionally, 2,000 Customer Service Advisors will receive White Belt training by Q1 of next year.

Whether you’re working in our support departments to directly engaging with customers through the front-line, this programme is about sharing know-how and driving business improvement in a consistent, transferrable way. From workshops completed so far, we’ve been consistently taken aback by the ideas, passion and drive that Lean inspires by giving people ownership to drive their own improvement initiatives and ideas forward.”

And with clear business deliverables set against the project’s success, the team are already busy evaluating ideas and posting updates to ensure the benefits of the programme are captured and widely communicated.

Join us in the next edition of this special blog series as we meet some of the team behind Abtran’s Lean Transform programme as together we ‘lean in’ towards an even better way of working.


Find out more

To find out more about opportunities to learn through Abtran’s Lean Transform programme, email the team at lean@abtran.com.


About Abtran’s Lean Transform Programme

Established in August 2016, Abtran’s Lean Team was brought together to support an Enterprise Ireland Lean Plus project. This was an opportunity for the team to showcase the personal development and business benefits of a company-wide Lean implementation.

Having already started a Lean Start and Lean Plus project, the aim of the Lean Transform programme is to foster a Lean culture across the whole of Abtran. This will include providing Lean training to all employees across the organisation.