Learning goes Digital at Abtran

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Last month saw the launch of Abtran’s ‘MyLearning’ platform, making it easy for employees right across the company to digitally access and learn new skills on the go. In this blog post, we talk to Christine Kennedy from Abtran’s Learning & Development team to find out more about the digital learning system and how e-learning is fast becoming a sign of the times for organisations looking to foster an open culture of learning and development for their employees:

‘Today’s employees place enormous importance on learning and development opportunities in the workplace. Being open and sharing know-how are two of our core values here at Abtran and MyLearning is all about making it easy for our employees to learn and build on their skills wherever and whenever they choose. Our team put a lot of work into making sure we delivered on a system that would have something to offer everyone and to give our employees the flexibility to learn new skills well into the future.

When it came to deciding on the right training content, it was very important that we focused on modules that were deeply practical, useful and most importantly, enjoyable. While some training modules like ‘Data Protection’ are mandatory for all staff, others like ‘Personal Safety’ are more about developing security awareness while programmes like ‘Developing your Leadership Style’ or ‘Presentation skills’ are designed to help employees build on their confidence or competencies required for existing or future roles.

My LearningTo date, MyLearning has had a fantastic response, with over 700 employees engaging with 24 modules from the online menu. Employees can set goals, develop training plans, select individual learning preferences and are awarded with a personalised certificate on successful completion of each course or module. And the Business Intelligence and Analytics behind MyLearning is already helping us to tailor content and shape additional modules based around employee goals and future development needs.

As a digital learning channel, MyLearning very much feeds into Abtran’s wider Learning & Development and in-house programmes. For instance, training materials from Induction classes right through to our ‘Inspire’ People Management programmes will soon be openly available and consistently updated on the MyLearning platform.

And the flexibility of ‘My Learning’ means you don’t have to wait until the next training class comes along. Courses are open and available right now for anyone looking to build on their existing skills and to develop new competencies.

In the Millennial Age, it’s never been more important for organisations to foster an open learning environment to help employees grow and develop. In my experience, learning promotes confidence which in turn leads to a more motivated and engaged workforce.

MyLearning makes it easy to learn, providing more choices, more options and a more flexible digital learning experience for all.’


Find out more

To find out more about MyLearning or any of Abtran’s Learning & Development initiatives, email the Learning & Development team at MyLearning@abtran.com.