Abtran Employee Journeys – Inspired!

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Since joining Abtran in 2007, Laura Brabazon’s career journey has taken her from Customer Service Advisor to Performance Specialist, Back-Office Administrator and Team Leader to her role today with Abtran’s busy Learning & Development team. In this blog post, Laura looks back on some of the highlights and learning from her inspiring career journey so far.

My Abtran journey began over ten years ago when I first joined the company during the set-up of one of Abtran’s fastest growing Media clients. It was an exciting time and I loved the camaraderie and competition from working to ambitious targets across the sales and retention teams. I also learned that I particularly enjoyed sharing knowledge and it wasn’t long before I progressed into a Performance Specialist role. 2011 saw my transition into the Utilities space which provided me with a fresh perspective and I learned a great deal about the importance of Abtran’s role in delivering great service against a backdrop of highly competitive and regulated markets.

The great thing about working at Abtran is the opportunity to build up and then transfer skills and experience. My role as Performance Specialist was particularly relevant for my next progression into one of Abtran’s most highly regulated Transport accounts where I worked as part of a busy Back-Office team. Once again, this was a very different dynamic from my previous role and I found myself learning new skills and working across complex legislative and administration processes. The opportunity to help set up and shape many of the department’s back office processes and quality checks was a fantastic learning experience.

In 2014 I took part in Abtran’s ‘Inspire programme’, a training course designed to develop aspiring Advisors into Team Leaders. Shortly after completing the programme, I was successful in my application for a Team Leader position. My new role brought me back to the Utilities sector but this time to a new client account. Here I worked with the Back Office Billing team and was given the opportunity to set up the Escalations department. I also gained insight into project management through the set-up of a Model Office which led to my progression to Payment Liaison Manager within the Billing team. In 2015 I returned to my position as Team Leader having been given the opportunity to manage two Back-Office departments – a role which I also thrived in and thoroughly enjoyed.

Throughout my time at Abtran, I had been given so much insight and experience into such a diverse range of roles and this has made it easy for me to decide which areas I’m naturally drawn to. For instance, I’ve always been particularly interested in training and sharing knowledge so the whole area of Learning & Development really appealed to me. Fortunately, a role came up on the Learning & Development team and I was delighted when my application was successful. Once again Abtran is giving me the opportunity to learn from a variety of different L&D projects right across the organisation.

Looking back over the past ten years, it’s hard to believe how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned from working across so many diverse roles and client accounts. Everyone here is so supportive and I find the focus on learning & development very motivating. At Abtran, there’s always new opportunities right around the corner. In my experience, people who are open and willing to learn can go very far. Sometimes it’s about having the courage to step outside your comfort zone and to just go for it.