Consumer Insights on Social Media – Global Report

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We’re delighted to announce the publication of our Global Consumer Insights report, which takes a deep dive into what’s driving customers around the world to post about their customer experience on social media.


Download our Global Report and find out:

• The importance of customer service in driving positive brand sentiment
• Why the ‘human touch’ is more important than ever
• The rise of millennials as a powerful social media influencer group
• How sectors like Transport are ahead of the game
• Changing customer expectations around Technology in delivering great service

consumer insights reportIn our Digital age, it’s never been more important to understand what drives customers to post a positive or negative experience on social media. Using state of the art online listening technology, our Global Consumer Insights report provides a wealth of knowledge for customer-led organisations looking to stand out on service for success. So don’t delay. Download our free report today by just clicking the button below.


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Abtran has been at the forefront of delivering award-winning digital services since 2010. We help highly regulated organisations across the UK and Ireland to identify what customers are saying about their brands to deliver a standout service experience.


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