Sharing Great People Stories – Emmet Royal

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In this blog post, we chart Emmet Royal’s inspiring career journey from Customer Service Advisor to People Trainer and Product Specialist to Team Leader, all in the space of a four year period at Abtran.


If someone had told me back in 2013, how far my career journey at Abtran was set to take me, I’m not sure I’d have quite believed them. So far, it’s been a remarkable four years from learning new skills and gaining so much relevant experience, to making new friends and being part of an incredible, home grown Irish success story. Like many people joining Abtran, I began as a Customer Service Advisor on a new Government account. At the time, the company was growing quickly and this created a great sense of energy and teamwork across the office.


At the end of this contract, I was delighted to be offered a permanent contract opportunity to join one of Abtran’s newest Utility accounts. It was during this time that I quickly progressed to a coaching role where I trained and facilitated new people joining the account. This in turn led to an exciting opportunity to train teams across new customer and registration processes during the set-up of one of Abtran’s most highly regulated and complex client accounts. Of course, things rarely stand still at Abtran and I was subsequently offered the opportunity to work off-site as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and alongside the client operation in Dublin. This was a tremendous learning experience where I engaged in large scale, complex change programmes and participated in the set-up of a Model Office which eventually led to my appointment as Product Specialist within the same account.


From there, I progressed to a Team Leader position, a role which I thoroughly enjoyed for the next twelve months before availing of an exciting opportunity to transition to one of Abtran’s first UK client accounts, where I managed a large team of Customer Service Advisors and Product Specialists. In this role, I had the opportunity to share much of my practical experience from working across other accounts. That’s the great thing about working at Abtran – you never know which door will open next. Once the new Operation was up and running, I rejoined my team where I’m still learning new ways of doing things to this very day.


Looking back, Abtran has given me fantastic opportunities to progress and learn and I feel very fortunate to have had so much insight and direct experience with so many fast-moving and complex accounts. Suffice to say I’m still learning and recently was lucky enough to be able to add Lean Six Sigma training to the ever expanding suite of skills that I’ve picked up along my Abtran journey.


In short, what began as a short term contract has transformed into a fully-fledged and rewarding career. If you’re open, take the initiative and work hard – you can take your career journey to a whole new level at Abtran.


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