Don’t discount the Human Touch

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Great service often begins with the people that are closest to your customers. In many cases – that’s the front-line Customer Service Advisor. While the majority of customers are happy to self serve across a range of online channels, it’s important to remember the importance of the human touch when it comes to resolving more complex queries.


In an age where customers are all too willing to post about their positive and negative experiences online, it’s even more important to ensure they receive a great service experience. Abtran’s Global Report takes a deep dive into what’s driving customers around the world to post about their positive and negative experience online.


According to Abtran’s Digital Insights Analyst Maureen Murphy, the report shows that while delivering a great end-to-end Omni-channel service experience is a leading driver of positive sentiment, it is still very often the human touch that stands between a customer posting about their positive and negative service experience.


‘Our results show that experience with staff continues to play a key role in influencing customer perception of a brand regardless of whether it’s a face-to-face, online or voice interaction. This points to the importance of investing in well-trained, knowledgeable and empowered staff for organisations looking to earn the trust and loyalty of their customers.’


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