Making it Easy to work through Abtran’s ‘MyLearning’ Platform

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2017 saw the launch of ‘MyLearning,’ Abtran’s new digital learning platform, making it easy for people right across the company to access and learn new skills. To date, ‘MyLearning’ has received a fantastic response with over four thousand courses completed in a five-month period. 

In this blog post, Vicky Snook from Abtran’s Learning & Development team talks about the benefits of ‘MyLearning’ and how the new platform is helping our people to be compliant ahead of new data protection legislation in 2018.

‘It’s always been very important to us that ‘MyLearning’ provides course material that’s practical, enjoyable and that helps people to grow and develop both inside and outside the workplace. This means we have lots of courses that focus on personal health and wellbeing while other modules focus on more practical tools such as Lean Six Sigma and specialised Customer Service skills.

For people looking to develop their Leadership style or to enhance their communications skills, ‘MyLearning’ provides a wide range of modules around communication, presentation, team management skills and much much more.  When we launched ‘MyLearning’ in August last year, we began with a portfolio of 24 online modules. Over the past five months, we’ve added a further 8 modules to the online menu.

While the majority of ‘MyLearning’ modules are optional, some such as Data Protection and Compliance are mandatory. Abtran handles a large amount of personal data and it is imperative that all our people are not only informed and trained around new policy and procedure but also understand the rationale behind the introduction of new regulations.

My Learning

For instance, the compulsory module around the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation is designed to help everyone at Abtran to understand what the new legislation is about and why it’s necessary as well as providing practical skills and tools to ensure everyone is well informed and prepared ahead of the upcoming GDPR deadline in May of this year.

One of the goals of ‘MyLearning’ is to enhance rather than replace in-house training and we’ve found that ‘MyLearning’ has had an overall positive impact on the classroom experience.

For instance, if someone is thinking of applying for our ‘Inspire’ learning and development programme or looking to engage in a ‘Know Your your Leadership Style’ course, ‘MyLearning’ gives them the opportunity to look up course content to get a real sense of what the course is about, to find out if it’s relevant to them and to prepare any questions in advance of the class training session. In my experience, this ability to deliver blended training has in turn made the class experience more rewarding, more engaging and more productive.

So far, the results from ‘MyLearning’ have been very encouraging and we’ve had a great deal of positive feedback and support right across the organisation. The system is simple and easy to use allowing people to set their own goals, develop learning plans and select their own learning preferences. And once a course is successfully completed, ‘MyLearning’ awards participants with their own personalised certificate.

Upcoming ‘MyLearning’ modules in the works for 2018 include the relaunch of our ‘Inspire’ People Development programme, together with new ‘Train the Trainer’ modules.

For the Learning & Development team, ‘MyLearning’ is a digital platform that never stands still. It’s about working hard to ensure that our content remains useful and relevant and that ‘MyLearning’ continues to deliver a flexible learning experience that’s open, connected and easily accessible to all.’

Find out more

To find out more about ‘MyLearning’ or any of Abtran’s Learning & Development initiatives, email the Learning & Development team at

About Vicky

Joining Abtran in 2009 as a Customer Service Advisor, Vicky became a member of Abtran’s Value Creation team in 2010 where she cross-trained across a wide range of Operational Accounts and was subsequently appointed to Team leader. Vicky was later given responsibility around the development and rollout of Abtran’s Employee Development Programme (EDP).

Having subsequently worked as a Business Customer Relations Manager, Vicky returned to Abtran as part of the Business Improvement Team and was appointed to Abtran’s Learning & Development team in 2015 where she played an integral role in the implementation of Abtran’s ‘MyLearning’ platform. Vicky strives to ensure Abtran’s training materials are always to the highest standards and aligned around our clients’ culture and brand values. As a qualified Coach, Vicky is passionate about helping people to continuously grow and to achieve their full potential.