Understanding the Digital Generation

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According to Abtran’s Consumer Insights on Social Media – Global Report, ‘Millennials’ or people aged under 35 are more likely than any other age group to take to social media channels to voice their praise, issues and customer service frustrations. Abtran’s Digital Insights Analyst, Maureen Murphy reveals more…

According to our online data, 2010-2017 saw a 28% increase in Millennials or under 35s posting about their Customer Experience (CX) on social media channels. This shows that Millennials have become an increasingly significant consumer group and are all too willing to post about their customer experience, both good and bad.


So what does this mean for organisations looking to win the loyalty of this rapidly growing group? From our experience, Millennials have the same customer service needs and expectations as any other age group. Interestingly, our report results show that it isn’t value for money, an amazing refund or return policy that motivates customers across the board to positively post about their CX on social media sites – it’s their perception of having received a great customer service experience.


So whether a customer is interacting over the phone or via digital channels, it’s about delivering a fast, personalised and engaging response supported by friendly, empowered and professional staff.

With the introduction of data sharing sites, apps and the emergence of peer-to-peer selling, taking time to listen as well as well as respond to what all your customers are saying on social media channels is critical for brands looking to understand and win the online influence and loyalty of this new digital generation of customers.


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To discover more insights on what’s driving customers to post about their CX on social channels, simply download the report here. To find out more about our digital listening or wider digital engagement services, visit abtran.com/services/digital or email the team: digitalservices@abtran.com.

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