Outsourcing For Competitive Advantage

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The Energy industry has never been so competitive. New Suppliers continue to enter the market with new propositions and marketing approaches. But one thing remains true – differentiating your business, when the commodity you sell is fundamentally the same as your competitors’, is only one of the challenges that Energy companies face.

Regulatory compliance is mission-critical. For a business with ambitious growth plans this can be a significant challenge. Additionally, keeping costs down as your customer base grows is vital to maintaining competitiveness. How do you manage all of these competing challenges?

Having the right partner is vital. Outsourced service provision gained a negative reputation in the past when companies attempted to cut costs by outsourcing certain customer operations off-shore. But these much-publicised failures bear no relation to today’s more sophisticated, service-led outsourcing offers. So what benefits can the right outsourcing partner bring to your business.


Driving efficiencies from senior leadership down

Your chosen business process outsourcing (BPO) partner should have a razor focus on ‘leaning’ your business processes. However, this shouldn’t simply be a cost-cutting exercise. The focus should be on reducing the ‘noise’ activities whilst improving the outcomes. Focussing solely on reducing cost without delivering operational efficiencies leads to a transactional, ‘cost-per-call’ relationship which will not deliver real value to your business.
Outsourcing works best for processes with well-defined and measurable outcomes. By reducing internal focus on the performance of these tasks, your senior leadership can focus on driving differentiation.


Ensuring compliance

The right outsourcing partner should be compliant from the ground up. Ensuring your business is compliant to Energy Licence conditions can be a full-time job but your BPO partner should have GDPR and other data standards built into their processes, as well as understanding industry regulations, meaning that you don’t have to worry about this internally.


Process improvements for customer service gold standard

Your outsourcing partner should have support teams of internal specialists to ensure that processes are as lean as possible, that resourcing is optimised and that the appropriate technology delivers the right results. Looking to optimise your digital platforms? Talk to your outsourcer. Need to make sure that technology can deliver for your customer-facing operations? Your partner can advise on best-in-class performance, leveraging experience gained from clients across a range of verticals.


Scalability and flexibility as standard

Need to be confident that your business can scale to meet demand? Your outsourcing partner should be able to support you with rapid operational scale-ups and downs. Growing businesses need confidence that they have the right people available at the right time, without having to worry about capacity – where will they sit, what tech do they need, how do I train them? Your BPO partner will have all of that in-hand, allowing your senior management to focus on the core aspects of running the business.

Resourcing, compliance and operational excellence are all things that Energy companies need to have in mind as they grow their business, all whilst keeping costs manageable – and the right outsource partner can take the strain, delivering value from end-to-end.


Get in touch to find out more about how outsourcing can offer a competitive advantage to your Energy or Water business.