Celebrating with Pride at Abtran

Abtran Pride
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Proudly Supporting Cork Pride Awareness Week 2018

Last week saw an action-packed, fun-filled event schedule at Abtran to celebrate Cork Pride 2018. Events kicked off in high spirits as people from around the company were invited to bid on the opportunity to “Pie-A-Manager” to raise funds for charity.

Competitions, bake sales and quizzes organised by Abtran’s LGBT group together with a talk delivered by Cork’s Pride Chairperson, Clive Davis, were just some of the highlights marking last week’s events as people from around the company gathered to fly the flag during Sunday’s Cork Pride Parade. All funds raised throughout the week will go to charities nominated by staff: The Cork Gay Project, HIV Ireland and The Irish Cancer Society.

Pride Flag Cork City“Pride week at Abtran was all about celebrating LGBT awareness in the workplace,” says Aoife O’Neill, our Internal Communication, Brand and Engagement Specialist. “It was fantastic to see so many people take part and support their colleagues while raising much needed funds for such worthwhile causes.”

According to John Horgan, Abtran Product Specialist and one of the people who initially proposed Abtran’s celebration of Cork Pride, added; “Support within the workplace for events such as Pride shows our LGBT+ co-workers that the company we work for, supports our rights and respects our individuality. It shows future employees that this is an environment where you do not have to hide who your really are. For me pride in the workplace is all about allowing you to be who you are and in a comfortable environment. Abtran is a workplace that is thriving with individuality, uniqueness and talent and this was all celebrated during Abtran’s Cork Pride week.”

Abtran Pride BannerTara Cregan from Abtran’s LGBT group added; “It was fantastic to be able to get so involved and to help Abtran’s Pride week become a great success. I had the opportunity to delve into all aspects of the week’s activities from charity events to photography to promoting the great line-up of initiatives. Abtran have done amazing work over the last week and I’m certainly proud to have been part of that. The amount of goodwill and support throughout the company during Cork Pride week has been absolutely overwhelming. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed and took part to drive and support LGBT workplace wellbeing and awareness.”

While Cork Pride week may have finished for another year, you can catch up on some of the fun-filled events and festivities at Abtran by visiting our Facebook page.