‘Hat’s Off’ to Abtran’s Insurance Graduates 2018!

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Congratulations to everyone at Abtran who recently qualified as Accredited Product Advisors in the field of Private Medical and General Insurance (APA- PMI/PGI) with the Irish Institute of Insurance (III). As supporters of staff undergoing the Accrediration programme, we are hugely proud of your success.

The APA is a mandatory qualification for everyone at Abtran working as part of our Irish Life Health Account. Staff joining the Operation have four years to complete their exams and to achieve their Insurance qualification.
After attending this year’s III Graduation Ceremony, we met up with Abtran’s Gillian McSweeney and Juliet Dullea to celebrate their success and share their stories in the run up to this fantastic achievement.

Gillian’s Story

In 2008, Gillian McSweeney joined Abtran as part of our Value Creation team, a group of highly specialised staff who are cross-trained to support multiple client operations during busy periods.

In 2013, Gillian moved to our Irish Life Health account during one of the Operation’s busiest periods. Since then, she’s never looked back. In 2015, she progressed to the role of Product Trainer and began studying for the III exams.

“I found the first two modules very interesting and also very challenging,” says Gillian. “The whole area of Insurance, Compliance and Legislation is quite complex but the assistance I received through the online modules, together with the fantastic support I received from our Management team proved really invaluable.”

Gillian completed her third exam whilst on Maternity Leave; “Studying while adjusting to motherhood was a challenge to begin with,” says Gillian. “However, when Baby ‘Conor’ came along, it motivated me to pursue my studies even more. The APA is a qualification that’s recognised right across Europe. At Abtran, staff are supported and further incentivised for successfully completing the exams. One of the big highlights for me was bringing my parents to the graduation ceremony. It was fantastic to be recognised for all the hard work and to celebrate with so many of my colleagues. Abtran’s Irish Life Health, Team Leader, Donna O’Connell was also there to support and Aoife O’Neill from our Internal Communications Department was busy taking pictures so we could share the proud moment with everyone.”

Gillian offers the following words of advice for anyone interested in joining Abtran’s Irish Life Health account and taking the III exams:

“While it is a busy account, we always provide support and lots of guidance to anyone going through the APA exam process. The feeling of pride at graduation makes it all worthwhile and I would really like to share what I’ve learned to help others on their own journey. Also, don’t leave the book in the wrapper until the week before the exam!”


Juliet’s StoryIrish Life Health Collage

Juliet Dullea joined Abtran’s Irish Life Health Operation in November 2015. The opportunity to obtain an industry qualification was a big motivator and she found the whole area of Insurance very interesting. Taking the exams and achieving the APA qualification was very important for Juliet on both a personal and career level and to ensure she could continue learning and progressing within the Irish Life Health Client Operation.

“I really enjoyed working within the Irish Life Health Operation and taking the exams meant I could take what I’d learned to the next level,” says Juliet. “The III provides lots of support including webinars and tips around the best way to study. For me, writing out the notes was particularly effective and the Institute provides lots of different ways to learn which is really useful.”

While Juliet was highly motivated, the support she received both at home and at work proved invaluable; “as well as having lots of people supporting me, having four years to complete the exams was a huge help.”


Here at Abtran, we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone graduating with the III this year, Studying while working requires a lot of commitment and hard work so hats off to everyone for this fantastic achievement. The APA accrediation is hugely significant for people working within our Irish Life Health Operation, where we are operating in a highly regulated industry which demands the highest standards of professionalism and compliance.

Abtran has the highest number of III APA graduates nearly every year and this is an accomplishment we are extremely proud of. Congratulations once again to all!