Discovering Brand Storytelling Talent at Abtran

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Abtran’s holds first Digital Writing workshop.

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting a group of aspiring Brand Journalists at Abtran. We were meeting as part of Abtran’s first Digital Writing Workshop; an initiative to develop brand storytelling talent from within the company. The people attending the workshop came from a diverse range of functions and departments. And each of them brought their own unique perspectives and fresh ideas to the table.

As the conversation progressed, I was reminded of the important role of brand storytelling today. And how giving people within the company a voice to share their stories can help us stay more connected as a brand.

Bringing Brand Story to Life

The focus of the workshop was around digital writing skills. We discussed the importance of audience – the people we were writing for and why. We talked about how our individual story ideas might connect with the people who took the time to read our blogs. And we focused on what really inspires us as this is often where we produce our best work.

Mostly, I was impressed with the enthusiasm and passion from the group. One aspect united them all; a will to make a difference, to entertain and to celebrate our great People talent. This is what brand journalism is all about; real people telling authentic stories that help our brand come to life in an engaging and meaningful way.

Over the next few weeks, our new Brand Journalists will be busy crafting their own stories and sharing them on the Abtran intranet. I’m very much looking forward to reading their work and am sure that everyone here will enjoy their new ideas and contribution. Perhaps they might inspire another class of aspiring brand journalists as we continue to shape the next chapter of Abtran’s brand story, together.

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More about Ruth

In 2009, Ruth joined the company as Abtran’s Marketing Manager. It was here that she first developed her passion for digital brand storytelling. Today, Ruth runs her own brand storytelling business. She continues to write blog articles for Abtran and is passionate about celebrating our people through the power of storytelling.