Partnering Government on the Road to Digital Transformation

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In this blog post, Bid-Management Executive, Anne-Marie Russell shares some of her top takeaways from September’s Digital Government Conference and how Abtran’s collaboration with Government organisations is helping to drive a more digital, citizen-centric service experience.

Digital Government

Joined-up thinking

In today’s digital economy, citizens expect to access services with the same level of ease and flexibility whether they’re interacting with a private or public sector organisation. In many ways, there’s more pressure on government organisations to become more open and digitally connected in a data secure and compliant way.

One of the big takeaways for me from September’s Digital Government conference was the importance of pragmatism and joined-up thinking. Transformative technologies like Cloud, AI and Big Data provide opportunities for the delivery of more intuitive, efficient and connected services. However they also require a fundamental rethink in the way organisations are structured from a people, process as well as a technology perspective. And that doesn’t always happen overnight.

Digital Culture

To reap the benefits, there must be a long-term commitment from the top down. Staff must be educated and empowered. Traditional silos must be transcended and aligned. Organisational cultures must be instilled with behaviours like openness, collaboration and connectivity.

Collaborative Partnerships

At Abtran we’ve found that the evolution of digital services requires a more collaborative and design-based approach. It’s about partnering closely with the client and focusing on the citizen early on. The roll out of SUSI’s online student grant application system in 2012 is a case in point.

While the technology played a significant role in the design of the grant application system, the focus on the student audience was key. Today, the system handles 99% of online applications while the use of social media channels like Twitter and Facebook make it easy to reach thousands of students in near real-time. Student Grant queries are typically responded to within a 24-hour period with the social media team handling over 40,000 interactions per scheme year.

Focus on the citizen early on

The Road Safety Authority has also taken great strides towards digitisation with the launch of the online National Driver License Service (NDLS). The new system, which is being rolled out on a phased basis will enable 100% of driver licence renewal applications to be processed online in 2019.

As well as centralising and automating traditional paper based processes, the system makes it easier for citizens to self-serve online while their applications are securely verified and stored in a safe environment. The end-to-end design and development of the service required close collaboration and alignment around the citizen early on. All processes were fully tested in a secure environment before being rolled out to the public.

Fundamentals remain the same

As services continue to digitally evolve – a great deal has changed. And yet Abtran’s value proposition remains the same. It continues to be about collaborating closely with our clients as well as our industry partners. It continues to be about being agile and sharing practical know-how. And it continues to be about delivering a citizen-centric experience from a people, process and technology perspective.

Find out more

Abtran works with highly regulated organisations to deliver a better, more efficient citizen service experience. For more information about our digital service capabilities, visit or email the team at

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