‘A Day in the Life’ – Shane Keating

In this second of our special ‘Day in the Life’ blog series, we talk to Shane Keating who tells us about his remarkable career journey from student days in Dublin to becoming a Digital Design & Content Specialist at Abtran. “I originally wanted to be an Architect,” laughs Shane. “Because I loved all things design […]

Best Social Channels for Your Omni-Channel Customer

With so many up-and-coming channels to choose from, delivering customer service on social media can seem like a moveable feast. In this blog post, Abtran’s Digital Services Lead, Catherine O’Driscoll shares top tips on how to evaluate the right social channels for your audience while helping your brand remain relevant and engaged with your digital […]

Shoring up Defences against Cyber Threats

The ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack has left a trail of disruption in its path, crippling thousands of computer networks globally. With the growth and sophistication of cyber attacks set to continue, what can companies do to protect themselves while staying open to their customers in the connected age? For service providers like Abtran who handle millions […]

Top Takeaways from Dublin Tech Summit 2017

  Last Wednesday, the Convention Centre opened its doors to thousands of expectant visitors looking to learn, share and connect at this year’s Dublin Tech Summit.   In case you missed it, here’s some top takeaways from Abtran Digital Services Director, Aisling Deasy and Digital Services Executive, Brige Newman, who was kept on her toes […]

Service Excellence in a Digital Age

In this edition of the Abtran Service Exchange blog, Digital Services Lead Catherine O’Driscoll talks to Abtran’s focus on making it easier for customers to engage and staff to deliver service excellence in a Digital Age. Connect with Abtran If you’d like to find out more about Abtran’s experience in Digital Services, connect with us […]

Tapping into the Power of Digital Listening

At Abtran, my role is all around creating and delivering bespoke Digital Listening reports. Abtran Digital Listening is about gathering insights into the public voice of the online customer around the perception and performance of an organisation’s service, reputation and brand. For many organisations, making the decision to engage with customers through online channels like […]

The Rise of the Digital Customer

In this news post, we share Eolas Magazine’s interview featuring Abtran Director of Digital Service and Data Analytics, Aisling Deasy, discussing the rise of the digital customer: Abtran’s Director of Digital Service and Data Analytics, Aisling Deasy discusses with Owen McQuade the impact of the rise of the digital customer on delivering services and how […]

Sharing Know-How in App Development

The story of the Abtran app began in December 2015 with a simple question: how do we make it easier for our employees to access the information they need, when and where they need it. In this edition of the Abtran Service Exchange, we invited the Business Applications Development team, led by our Digital Services […]