Ready, Steady, BPO!

Business Readiness for success: the evolving role of the BPO. The last 10 years has seen Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) evolve into a sophisticated global industry covering an expanding and multi-faceted range of services. In this blog post, Abtran’s PMO Manager, Tom Hyland looks back on how the industry has changed and how Abtran’s role […]

Why ‘cheap’ outsourcing is not the best approach

As a trusted Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner, we’re often approached by companies whose primary driver is to reduce costs within their business. And whilst cost reduction should always be an outcome of any outsourcing programme, we always advise our clients that it shouldn’t be the only focus.   This may sound a little counterintuitive. After all, […]

Utilities: How do you manage operational ‘growing pains’?

Whilst some new entrants to the UK Energy market are excelling at customer service, over the past few months we’ve seen increasing numbers of news stories highlighting issues with other new challenger entrants – particularly focusing on customer service and billing processes. And not only is there an impact on business reputation, there is also the […]

Outsourcing For Competitive Advantage

The Energy industry has never been so competitive. New Suppliers continue to enter the market with new propositions and marketing approaches. But one thing remains true – differentiating your business, when the commodity you sell is fundamentally the same as your competitors’, is only one of the challenges that Energy companies face. Regulatory compliance is […]

Top Takeaways from ‘Future of Utilities’ event

Last week’s ‘Future of Utilities’ conference in London brought together leaders and senior Utilities professionals to discuss the challenges, opportunities and the future of today’s fast-changing Utilities landscape. In this blog post, Abtran Sales Director Brian O’Brien shares his top takeaways from this compelling event: 1. Focus on CX Today’s Customers have significantly higher service […]

Abtran Gold Sponsor at ‘Future of Utilities’ event, London

As a leading provider of Customer & Business Process Management services to the Utilities sector, Abtran is delighted to be a Gold Sponsor at this year’s ‘Future of Utilities’ event taking place at The Hilton, Tower Bridge in London on 29th & 30th March. This strategic conference will bring together over 250 senior professionals across […]

Powering the Delivery of Service in a Connected Age

In today’s Utilities landscape, change is everywhere; changes in technology, changes in legislation, changes in the way that customers are consuming and controlling their energy. For many private Utilities, the competitive market is crowded and the strategy to acquire and retain a loyal base of satisfied customers has become much more than simply having a […]

When it Comes to Delivering Great Service – Change is the Only Constant

If you’re in the business of service, then you’re in the business of change.   From the changing ways your customers interact with you, to the competitive, regulatory and legislative forces within your industry, delivering great service has a lot to do with an organisation’s ability to manage change. In the Customer Contact environment, change […]

‘Service Futures’ in Utilities

  In this video blog post, we invited some of our thought leaders to share their insights on the future of service within the ever changing Utilities space. The importance of channel choice, digital and putting the customer front and centre, are just some of the themes covered in this special ‘futures’ edition of the […]